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    NA Co., Ltd., previously known as Nippon Automation Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of magnetism-based switches and sensors in Japan.  NA's switch and sensor have been widely accepted in Japan Market in Testing/Inspection related field and Production related field, such as,  Thermal Shock Chamber, Vibration Testing Machine and Automatic Mixing Machine. 

 Reed Based Magnetic  Proximity Switch  :


NA proximity switches use reed switches to detect magnetic force, and have the following features, 
  • No power supply required for driving the switch
  • "Zero" power consumption
  • Low price
  • Air cylinders [detecting piston position]
  • Vending machine [detecting remaining amount]
  • Robot [detecting position]
  • Detecting slits of rotation bodies  [rotation speed]
  • Automatic doors [detecting security position]
  • Various automatic machines [detecting home position]



NA float switches (level switches) detect liquid level by detecting the magnetic force from a float, a magnet-enbetted foam, floating on liquid
Float switches of various types of materials suitable for water, oil, chemicals, or drinking water are available. 

 Float Switch (Level Switch) :


Sensor for AGV:



This sensor can be used to guide Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) without problem under environment where machining oil, dust, or lint is suspended in the air, or on a carpet. Three types of sensors are available: Guide sensor for guiding AGV to run along a magnetic tape (guide tape), address sensor for obtaining the location information of AGV, and stop sensor for detecting stop location. Also available are magnetic tapes (guide tape) attached on floors and magnetic rods.


Guiding automated guided vehicles (AGV), obtaining information on locations (relative address), and obtaining information on stop locations.